Learn How to Create a Culture of Ownership

at Your Company in Under 90 Days!

July 21-22, 2022 in Carmel, IN

Here's what happens when your employees start

taking ownership in your business:

  • Increase your sales revenue
  • Improve profitability
  • Reduce turnover and hiring costs
  • Drive innovation

  • Eliminate feeling overwhelmed
  • Stop working so many hours
  • Spend more time with your family

Based on years of research and decades of industry experience, the creators of the Habit of Ownership workshop have teamed up to deliver you an unbelievable in-person learning experience in this two day intensive workshop.

You will come away with a customized 90-day plan that will change your company's culture and set a new trajectory in 2022!

This Workshop Will Show You Exactly

What You Need To Know

To Create a Culture of Ownership at Your Company.

If you take a look at the most successful companies today, you will see that entrepreneurs and business owners have built teams around them who are not only passionate about their work, but they "take ownership" in the mission, growth, and profitability of the company.

Employees at these companies act and think just like owners - they approach the business, psychologically speaking, as if it was their own!

This is known as "psychological ownership."

After this workshop, you will have the ability to work with your employees both one-on-one and collectively to create a culture of ownership and accountability at your organization.

STOP! struggling to motivate your employees.

STOP! working so hard to keep good employees around and feeling desperate when they leave.

STOP! being the only one who cares about your business.

This training goes beyond "employee engagement" - an overused term in today's leadership programs - it gives you the keys to unlocking ownership at your organization!

Here Is Everything You Will Receive:

  • Two days of Live, In-Person Training and Coaching* ($3,997 value)
  • Mastermind with Peers in a Small Group Setting - Only 20 Spots Available ($1,000 value)
  • Two Virtual Coaching Follow-up Sessions After the Event for Your Workshop Group. ($997 value)
  • Book of 55+ practical ways you can unlock ownership at your company. ($297 value)
  • Your 90-Day Culture Change Planning Template ($97 value)
  • BONUS 1: Ownership Culture Assessment that you can use at your company. ($297 value)
  • BONUS 2: Talking scripts for initating ownership conversations. ($171 value)
  • BONUS 3: Your copy of The Habit of Ownership mailed to your front door when it's released. ($49 value)


All For A One-Time Investment of Only $1,197*

* Base ticket offer includes Half-Day Seat for a CEO or business owner plus a 2-Day Seat for an implementation executive. Other ticketing options available at checkout.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the workshop, we will refund you in full if you let us know within three days after you attend the event. No questions asked!

What You Will Learn

This 2-day workshop has been designed to maximize the time of busy CEOs and business owners. CEOs stay through lunch on the first day before turning over the reigns to a trusted executive who will stay for the remainder of the workshop. (Of course, all CEOs are welcome to say for the afternoon of Day 1 if they desire!)

Our base ticket thus comes with a half-day seat for the CEO or Owner, and a two-day seat for another business leader.

Day 1 is about teaching you the Four Keys to Ownership and other foundational concepts necessary for you to create a culture of ownership at your company.

After lunch we move into talking strategies, tactics and work together in peer groups to solve the real problems unique to each situation.

Day 2 continues the conversation from the first day and we work toward building your 90-day implementation plan. We'll discuss how to have one-on-one conversations with your employees, best practices for running your meetings ownership-style, and many other secrets to unlocking ownership within your company's culture.

There will also be more opportunitites for peer-to-peer networking.

After the workshop is done, you'll have a plan and feel confident that you can make dramatic improvements to how employees take ownership of their work at your company!

Day 1 (Thursday)

  • Discuss your pre-workshop assessment
  • Learn the "psychology of ownership"
  • Learn why some employees take ownership (and why others don't!)
  • Discover the four keys to unlocking the ownership mindset
  • Workshop how you can implement the four keys in your company

Day 2 (Friday)

  • How to have one-on-one ownership conversations
  • 5 secrets to changing your company's ownership culture
  • Developing your 90-day plan using each of the four keys (from assessment to execution)
  • The ethics of taking ownership and doing good

Meet Your Instructors

Matthew F. Wilson, PhD.

Harvard University, John Brown University

Dr. Wilson is a faculty affiliate at Harvard University's Human Flourishing Program and co-founder of Flourishing Metrics and Habit of Ownership LLC.

He is the author of The Virtue of Taking Ownership and a forthcoming book, The Habit of Ownership: 7 Secrets that Inspire Your Employees to Take Ownership of their Work.

Dr. Wilson has an MBA from Indiana University and eleven years experience leading teams at multiple Fortune 500 companies. He is also the father of three children and enjoys mountain biking in the mountains of Northwest Arkansas.

Daniel McNair

Founder, OAR Coaching

Dan is a leadership coach and talent management consultant with 20+ years of broad organizational development experience.

He has worked within a variety of Executive Teams, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Performance Management and Employee Engagement teams.

Dan regularly trains entreprenuers and business owners via in-person workshops and on-site training events. Dan is passionate about helping his clients create cultures of ownership, accountability and responsibility. He is father to three children and enjoys serving as coach to his two sons' baseball teams.

Get Your Copy of the Book!

-Arriving December 2022-

Dr. Wilson's forthcoming book, The Habit of Ownership, is scheduled to be released at the end of the year.

All workshop attendees will receive a FREE advanced copy!


Lucas, Sales Executive

We had a truly wonderful leadership workshop this week. As someone who has worked with executive coaches 1-on-1 and been in many leadership development programs throughout my career, this 2.5 day event was honestly one of the most engaging, collaborative, and truly thought provoking programs I’ve been a part of. They kept the room present and engage everyone for feedback and input, and having the emotional intelligence and self-awareness of when to get people up on their feet.

Jason, Integrator at HeatTEK

We have experienced ridiculous growth and unforeseen change in the past two years. There is no way we would have handled it as successfully as we did without this guidance. No way.

Thaddeus, CEO at iTeam

Dan has been my coach for almost four years. Without him, I doubt there’d even be an iTeam. I’ve been impressed over the years with his insight, questions, and accountability.

This Workshop is NOT For Everyone!

If you want to watch the two days of this event, and say “Thanks, guys! That was some great info!”

...but never actually do anything with it, that’s entirely up to you.

(But chances are, nothing will actually change in your business…If that’s what you want to do, then this workshop is probably not for you).


If you are willing to roll up your sleeves for 2 days and do just a little bit of work alongside us and other business executives...

If you CARE sincerely about your employees and want to create a better work enviornment for them...

If you want to be trained by experts in the psychology of ownership, and have them PULL you in the right direction...

If you need a good hard PUSH from coaches who will hold you accountable to get your 90-day plan written, and then make sure that you get these tasks DONE (no excuses!)...

Then we invite you to join us in the Habit of Ownership Workshop and start creating new momentum in your business!

Seating is Limited!

Register Now!

The Habit of Ownership Workshop will be held at

The Bridgewater Club

The Venue

The Bridgewater Country Club is a premier venue for small business gatherings.

Event Times: July 21-22

Thursday: 8 AM – 4:30 PM

Friday: 9 AM – 3:30 PM

Venue Contact

3535 E 161st St, Carmel, IN 46033

Telephone: (317) 399-2444

Want to know the origin story?

Dr. Wilson explains the origin story of his research and interst in the habit of ownership.

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